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CNN style – Oliviero Toscani: ‘Donald Trump is a kitschy, suburban hairdresser’

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By Michele Bonechi, CNN articolo in pdf (CNN) For the last five decades, Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani has been challenging the status quo with his provocative images. Over the years his oeuvre has been diverse, ranging from fashion editorials and album covers toLeggi →

how oliviero toscani and benetton changed advertising

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As he releases new book we catch up with the visionary photographer about why art should be provocative. “When you look at the book, you don’t know if I’m a fashion photographer, an art photographer, an advertising photographer, a reporterLeggi →


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  Oggi viviamo di immagini, e la fotografia è la base di questo nuovo linguaggio. Tutti sappiamo scrivere, ma quanti di noi sono autori o poeti? Allo stesso modo, tutti fotografiamo. Ma chi sa fotografare davvero? Quanti, sono autori dell’immagine? Leggi →

TIME 100 photos – Behind the photographs – short documentary

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The Most Influential Images of All Time The face of AIDS – photograph by Therese Frase, used by Oliviero Toscani for Benetton look at the VIDEO source:

Art as a profession and the handing down of practical knowledge (INTERVIEW: In English and Italian – Area n.146/2016)

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– a dialogue between Pietro Carlo Pellegrini and Oliviero Toscani PDF(194 KB): Area n.146/2016   Oliviero Toscani: We have to make a premise. Children should be property of the State: from the moment you are born until you stop studying you should be financially looked after byLeggi →

Bringing controversy into fashion (PDF: bangkokpost / 10.04.2016)

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. Veteran lensman Oliviero Toscani visits Bangkok to discuss his hatred of designer labels, love of humanity and the value of telling a good story PDF (201 KB): controversy into fashion     10.04.2016 Source:      Leggi →

A free comunicator (PDF: interview with Oliviero Toscani. Fucking Young! / Issue 8. Spring/Summer 2016)

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            . . PDF (1 MB): A free comunicator (interview with Oliviero Toscani. Fucking Young! / Issue 8. Spring/Summer 2016)      

An Intellectual Fashion: Oliviero Toscani ( / 10.03.2016)

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. The advertising luminary behind some of the world’s most controversial campaigns discusses the industry as its very own form of reportage, and the terminology of fashion Oliviero Toscani is one of the most famous and celebrated figures working in imageryLeggi →

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Oliviero Toscani (audio/30 minutes. / 07.02.2016)

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  The photographer, broadcaster and creative force sits down with Tyler Brûlé to discuss the importance of being challenged, doing what you love (and loving what you do) and the state of civilisation today.            Leggi →

.Modern: The Science Of Photography (01.02.2016/

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If you look up the term “photography“ there are many definitions that try to explain the term in a few words. One says for instance, photography is “the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energyLeggi →